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Carol M. 

Carol M

Carol has been a resident of Columbus her whole life. She was born on the North East side of the city and later moved to the Eastside when she was 12 years old. At the age of 16, Carol's mother passed away, and her aunt Dorthy Young took custody of her and her siblings. Currently, Carol lives in Milo-Grogan. Carol remembers the most memorable part of her younger years was discovering she was pregnant with her son, Tehron.  She was in her 20's at the time and described the feeling as "being filled with joy." 

Carol loves her family very much. She has two nieces and three nephews here in Columbus, who she describes "as the light of her life." Carol loves spending time with her family in Ohio, but she also has family in North Carolina that she enjoys visiting from time to time. When talking about her North Carolina family, she told us all about how kind they are and how they "treat her like a queen!" Recently, Carol's aunt Flora Brooks passed away at the age of 97.  Carol misses her aunt dearly and feels blessed to be with her family as they mourn together. 

In 2012, Carol noticed a lump on her chest and went to the doctor. After a biopsy, Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer.  To treat her cancer, Carol underwent two rounds of chemotherapy and surgery. After months of treatment, the doctors did not find any cancer. Last year, during a routine doctor's appointment, they discovered that cancer had come back. Since October of last year, there have been no signs of cancer, and Carol is in remission. Carol is proud to be a two-time cancer survivor. Today, she is doing really well and enjoys living life to the fullest, spending time with family, and thanking God. She is incredibly thankful for her cousins Dana, Bobbi, Diane, Mary Ann, her Church Mother First Lady Holloway, Nene, Renee, her family in Ohio and North Carolina, and her church family to help her through her cancer journey. 

Carol is an active member of her church God's House of Prayer, led by  Pastor Charles Sterling Hall IV and formerly Pastor Jacob Holloway Sr. who passed away in 2016. Carol is a part of At Home by High's Chromebook Program that gave her a Chromebook and wifi for no cost. Thanks to this program, Carol can access her Church's virtual services and meetings. 

Carol first got involved with At Home by High three years ago. Carol was taking her three nephews to play basketball at the Milo Grogan Community Center. Upon arrival, Carol saw an event going on in the gym. She was about to go back to her house when "Katie invited us in and told me all about At Home by High!  I really needed help with cutting the grass at my house, and Katie said she could have a volunteer come out and help me." Soon after that, AHBH reached out to Tania and her husband to see if they would be willing to help Carol with her yard work. "Tania and Sam started coming over to my house to help cut the grass in the summer, rake leaves in the fall, and shovel the snow in the winter. This year, they tried to come over on Christmas day to clear my driveway! I told them that they better stay home and enjoy their Christmas."