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Debra and Marlowe

Debra has a strong belief in helping older adults. She grew up watching her parents care for her dad’s mother, and now her father in law lives with her family. She knows how important connection is to quality of life. “Helping to ease loneliness is a small thing we can do that makes a difference,” Debra says. 

Debra’s daughter Marlowe says “I really enjoy helping seniors and seeing them happy makes my day!”

On the importance of AHBH, Debra says “AHBH is important because they are keeping aging neighbors at home in their neighborhoods, which is so critical to mental health and well being. Quality of life for everyone is improved with contact with neighbors who care. It’s a win win.”

Marlowe says that AHBH is important to her because she gets to connect with people not many others do and that’s really important given the world we live in right now.

When not volunteering with AHBH, Debra has an interest in food culture. “I love all food!” she says. “I plan the private tours for Columbus Food Adventures so I’m always interested in what’s new and happening. I love to travel and read and spend time with my family. I have a dog named Raylan who smells like Fritos and loves naps.”

Marlowe’s hobbies include playing ukulele and skateboarding. Her favorite food is enchiladas, made by her grandmother in Texas.