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Laura D. 

Laura DiCaprio grew up on Staten Island in the 50s which at the time was a mix of suburban and rural despite being one of New York City’s boroughs. She was a nerdy kid who “actually liked going to school.” Her affinity for education worked out, as she ultimately received a PhD in Genetics. 

Laura moved to Columbus five years ago with her husband Ralph after living in Athens for more than twenty five years. She was a biology professor at Ohio University during that time, teaching Intro to Biology, genetics, and a freshman seminar on sexual development. “I was originally determined not to be a teacher,” she says “but I ended up loving it.”

Laura lives in Victorian Village in a renovated brick Victorian house. She says she loves living in such a walkable neighborhood, and especially likes walking in Goodale Park, where she is on the Board of Trustees. She has visited all of the Columbus Metro Parks during her short time here. She likes the fact that she lives in an urban area that is mixed in terms of age, income, and socio-economic status. 

Not only is Laura a member, she’s also a volunteer. When the pandemic first began she helped with At Home by High check-in calls to ensure our members are doing well mentally and physically during this difficult time. She says At Home by High has given her another outlet and the ability to meet more people in the community.