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Wanda H.

Wanda has lived in Columbus her whole life. She grew up in the Short North and has stayed in the area for 80 years. Her favorite part about the neighborhood is that it is clean, quiet, and within walking distance to the stores. Goodale Park is her favorite place to walk because although the park is small, there are plenty of trees for her to admire.

When she was younger, Wanda's first job was as a secretary. After that, she went on to work at a warehouse where she was a proofreader. She also learned how to make drapes as a seamstress. 

Wanda has two children: a son and a daughter. She also has four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, with who she enjoys going to picnics, art museums, history museums, and concerts. 

In her free time, Wanda enjoys reading and doing crossword puzzles. She also loves to dance and to do dance aerobics. Lately, Wanda is busy with her year-old cat named Boots. Wanda has had dogs and cats in the past but prefers cats since "they are easier to take care of and are calming animals." Wanda joked that cats are good at picking up on vibes from other people who don't like cats. 

Wanda is very open about sharing her age and doing all she can to live as long as possible. "On the inside, I feel like I am 50 years old, not 80!" Wanda attributes her youthful mindset to staying active, eating right, and going to all of her doctors' appointments.

Wanda enjoys being a member of At Home by High as it gives her a chance to get out and do and see things.